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Getting Smart with SMART!


SMART Websites: 

SMART Website - http://smarttech.com/

SMART Training Center - http://smarttech.com/trainingcenter/ or https://www.smarttech.com/us/account/Login 

SMART Exchange - http://exchange.smarttech.com/

SMART Lesson Plans - http://education.smarttech.com/ste/en-US/Ed+Resource/Lesson+activities/

SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit Download


SMART Printable Resources:

Interactive Whiteboard Handouts

SMART Notebook Software Handouts (also includes Tips and Tricks!)



http://teachingwithsmartboard.com/ - Excellent blog and resources for SMART board!

SMART Board Goodies - Great blog and resources by certified SMART trainer.

46 Interesting Ways to Use Your IWB in the Classroom

Engaging Learners the SMART Board Way - Training, lessons, website resources and much more!

SMART Lessons by Grade - Downloadable SMART notebook lessons by grade.

Scholastic IWB Lessons - Lessons and other tools created for SMART by Scholastic.

Teq Educator - Create an account and access additional SMART resources under downloads.

SMART Board Resources - List of SMART sites, resources and more!

Interactive Sites for SMART Use - List by subject of interactive sites.

Interactive Whiteboard Files

The Whiteboard Blog

Teachers Love SMART Boards - Excellent blog with files and other resources!

Basic Skills for your SMARTboard - Learn how to make a magic box, quiz, and fill in the gaps exercise in SMART Notebook.

SMART Tips - Word document with key SMART links and directions to open PDF in SMART Notebook 10.

Smarter SMART Board Use - Large variety of interactive resources sorted by topic.


Looking for materials you can use to create flipcharts?  Visit Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons!

Visit IWB Sites for a listing of different websites that can be used on your SMART Board!

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