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Digital Storytelling

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What is Digital Storytelling?

1. Telling a personal story using digital media. 

2. Telling any story through digital media.


Digital Storytelling: 10 Lessons Learned


Why Should I Utilize Digital Storytelling?

Wordle from


Digital Storytelling Process

  1. Brainstorm ideas/topic
  2. Research
  3. Storyboard/script development
    1. Sample Storyboard Format 
    2. Sample Storyboard Format 2 
    3. Celtx - Free downloadable storyboarding software
    4. StoryBoard Pro - Free downloadable storyboarding software with how-to videos
  4. Produce
  5. Present 


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Digital Storytelling Websites 


Copyright, Creative Commons, Public Domain, and Fair Use

Please be sure to remind students or teach them about copyright, creative commons, public domain, and fair use.  If you are publishing projects on the Internet or showing them outside of your classroom walls, be sure they are free and clear.


Digital Storytelling Books

Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators by Sylvia Rosenthal Tolisano - pdf download

Book can also be purchased for $8.50 on lulu.com

digitalstorytellingebook.pdf - from Microsoft


iMovie and Garage Band Resources

Basic Level Tutorials for iMovie

Getting Started in iMovie - pdf file

How to Create a Podcast in Garage Band


MovieMaker and Audacity Resources

Download old MovieMaker to use with Windows 7

Download MovieMaker Live

Audacity Download

Audacity Tutorial

Audacity Video Tutorials

Get Started with Windows MovieMaker

Importing PowerPoint into MovieMaker 


Online Tools

Photostory - Create a story with photos and audio.  PC only.


Voicethread - What is it?


Xtranormal - Text-to-movie. 


Animoto - Create a video from pictures.


Kerpoof - Create a storybook.

  • Very limited but great for introduction for young kids.


Mixbook  - Collaborate and create an online book.


Storybird - Collaborative storytelling.


Zooburst - Augmented reality 3d books.



Create a digital story to use in your classroom or at home using one of the tools visited today. 


Comments (1)

Les Biffle said

at 9:23 am on Jul 28, 2010

Thanks, Krista for the good ideas for using dst, as well as the other web 2.0 tools. I have been actively reading, and in some cases using web 2.0 stuff for the last year. I had been looking for a new direction for my career, and technology has become this. This is my 27th year as a teacher, and I have found that every so often it is necessary to learn some fresh things so as to not become stale. I look forward to the Promethean training you are coming to Dawson to do for us, and I am excited about going to Austin for the T3 conference. Thanks for the idea.

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