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YouTube plugin error

Wikis in Plain English - www.commoncraft.com


50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom - Great ideas!!!


Getting Tricky with Wikis! - Awesome wiki to help you improve your wiki!


Embedit.in - Create embed code for blogs and wikis for files and URLs. 


  Education Wikis
  http://teachdigital.pbworks.com/ - by Wes Fryer. Contains a wealth of information on instructional technology!
  http://copyrightfriendly.wikispaces.com/ - Copyright friendly websites to use when creating your wiki, blog, etc.
  http://teacherlibrarianwiki.pbworks.com/Copyright+Friendly+Image+Sources - Copyright friendly images.
  http://cgay.pbworks.com/ - Science classroom wiki.
  http://kchichester.pbworks.com/ - Professional learning wiki on Twitter.
  http://tbycomputers.pbworks.com/ - Computer classroom wiki. 
  http://iclassroom.pbworks.com/ - Geography and Civics classroom wiki.
  http://collabvsl.wetpaint.com/page/Technology - Charlotte Area Math Educator Wiki
  http://wvdeskills21.wetpaint.com/page/Introduction+to+Creating+a+21st+Century+School+System - 21st Century Skills Wiki


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