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The Web in Your Classroom

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What is Web 2.0?




Web 2.0


Cloud Computing


Web 2.0 Links and Information
Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools - A plethora of Web 2.0 tools categorized by topic.
Web 2.0 Videos - From the Discovery website, videos with further Web 2.0 explanations.
23 Things Project - 23 activities to introduce you to Web 2.0.
Web 2.0 in Education - Great variety of Web 2.0 tools categorized by topic.
Avatars - Create avatars for your website, blog, wiki, or other locations.
Bookmarking - Learn about social bookmarking:)
Collaboration - Tools for classroom collaboration.
Flash Cards - Create online flash cards to use with your students or help them review.
Google - Google sites to utilize in your classroom.
Media and Video - Great places to find videos and media for the classroom.
Mind Maps and Timelines - Variety of websites to create mind maps and timelines.
Miscellaneous Classroom Tools - Random grouping of websites to help you in the classroom.
Organization Tools - Tools to help teachers and students get organized.
Podcasting - Tips, tools and resources to help you get started in podcasting.
Presentation, Comics, and Storytelling - Variety of tools to add interest to presentations.
Twitter - Learn more about Twitter and follow other educational twitter accounts!
Virtual Field Trips - Take your class on a field trip on the web.
Wikis - An explanation/overview of wikis. Wikis to visit!


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