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Podcasting Starts Here!

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1. What is podcasting? 

According to dictionary.com, podcasting is  "a web-based audio brodcast via an RSS feed over the Internet to subscribers.  In plain terms, a podcast is recorded audio played on the web to a group of followers.  Below is a basic video on podcasting:


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2. How do I podcast? 

There are many ways to podcast and many different types of podcast.  Below is a list of resources to help you learn more about how to podcast:


Get Started Podcasting Today!
iTunes - Podcasting Resources and Instructions.
Learning in Hand - Great site to learn more about podcasting!  Be sure to download the informational booklet on the right hand side for more details:)
PoducateME - Learn how to bring podcasting to your classroom.
How to Podcast - Learn the 4 P's of podcasting!
Preparing for Podcasting - User friendly version on getting ready to podcast.  Links on the right will take you to additional information.
Audio and Podcasting - A variety of information and resources to help you get started with podcasting today!
Podcasting - by Wes Fryer. A plethora of information on podcasting and how to get started.
Podcasting 2 - by Wes Fryer. Additional information on podcasting for intermediate and advanced users.


3. What resources can I use when podcasting?

There are many different resources that you can use when creating a podcast.  Depending on the type of podcast and the quality, there are different resources available.  Below is a starter list:


What Can I Use to Create Podcasts?
Audacity - Free audio editing software. 
Windows Movie Maker - Free software that comes standard with most PC's.  Allows you to add sound, video, and pictures.
Photo Story 3 - Digital story telling software that allows you to add sound, zoom in on pictures, and much more!
Garage Band - Software on Macs that allows you to create podcasts.
trakAx - Mix video and music to create podcasts and more!
Gcast - Create podcasts, host, and more.
Free Video Converter - Convert mp4, video, and other files to appropriate file types.
Zamzar - Media converter.


4. Should I plan before creating a podcast?

Planning is one of the most essential pieces to podcasting!  The planning piece takes the majority of the time when creating podcasts.  I recommend that you create a planning sheet to use for yourself and students when creating podcasts.  Writing a script is also very important!  Before your students get started, have them listen to and view other podcasts for ideas:)


Plan, Plan, Plan!
RadioWillowWeb.pdf - This is a great resource used by a school in Nebraska.  Use it to help you create a planning sheet.
RadioWillowWeb Examples - After viewing the planning guide above, listen to a couple of the podcasts created by these young students.
Grammar Girl Podcasts - Great grammar podcasts and an example of the things teachers can do with podcasts.


Also visit:


Please feel free to request access to this site and add more sites/information!  You can also email me at kscott@frenship.us to have me look at/add information to any pages on this wiki! 



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